The objectives are the development of a system of accounting of the activities intended to reduce emissions or increase carbon absorption capacity, use and management of claims in relation to emission reductions (carbon credits) and the definition of a model of voluntary carbon market based on voluntary mechanisms for sharing, participation, stimulation and promotion of exchanges between public, private and professional.


Preliminary definition of the model of the Voluntary Market to be developed and of the internal and external organization of trade and transactions. This action implies the development and testing of models of exchange, based on voluntary mechanisms for sharing, participation, stimulation and promotion of exchanges between public and private - business professionals, but also families, associations, small communities, etc.


Definition of a method for calculating and accounting for voluntary initiatives by local authorities on a territorial basis developed evenly trans-regional, aimed at the creation of shared arrangements for the economic exploitation of credits relating to voluntary reductions in CO2 emissions.


Modelling organizational management solutions for experimenting forms of voluntary market.

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